Welcome to
Bydand Newfoundlands

Selectively breeding for the complete Newf
One who is sound in body and mind, versatile in function and
extremely beautiful.
Welcome to Bydand
Pronounced:  boo-don

Bydand is a
Viking/Scott word in
origin and means:  
steadfast, loyal,
enduring and courage.  
To me this well
describes a Newf.  They
are very loyal to their
humans and whenever
possible should only
have one family.  To
look at all the accounts
of Newfs who have
rescued countless
numbers of people
from shipwrecks and
other situations, you
know they are also
Phone:  701-646-7565
(Central Time Zone)
We are located in Eastern North

I always reply to email's.  If you
have not gotten a reply from me,
please feel free to call.  My email
doesn't always seem to work
properly, sometimes email's end
up in my spam box and it takes
me a while to notice.

Even though I reply to all
email's, if you see on the web site
I have a litter here, it may take
me a little longer to respond due
to me being busy with pups.

We are almost done with our
remodeling project (yeah, 3
years now).  But yet life is always
busy, so I apologize in advance
if my response is not timely.  
I am a members of the
Newfoundland Club of
and the Great Lakes Newf
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My daughters and I do
handler some of our dogs in
the conformation ring.  
However, due to our location
and lack of dog shows
available here, plus being
busy with the dogs and life
in general, for me, I find
using a Professional Dog
Handler works quite well.  If
you would like assistance in
finding a handler, please let
me know.
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Thank you for your patience

I am way behind in answering
emails and questionnaire's, I am
sorry.  I will call everyone, but feel
free to call me once you have
filled out the questionnaire, you
might get me quicker.  If I haven't
replied, again I'm sorry, just
behind, please feel free to call.